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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 16, 2013 13:32:09 July 16, 2013 13:32:09

Dear Gossips,

Just read a really funny article on called “Adam Sandler's Latest Hit: PEOPLE's Critic Begs to Know Why”. Errrm, who does she think is reading PEOPLE?

The movers are coming on Thursday to pick up our furniture and start driving it across Canada to Toronto. While Jacek is balls deep in boxes, the extent of my helping involves reminding him not to disconnect the television in the bedroom so that I can watch The Amazing Race Canada which premiered last night. Did you?

First of all, our country is beautiful. And holy sh-t, the show is so well cast, diverse too. Gay cowboys, identical twins, hippies, and the couple from Body Break? Come on. (How do they get all that time off from work?) We Canadians, sometimes our default position is to sh-t on ourselves. Like, whyyyyy is it just happening in Canada, eyeroll, exhale, ugh, eyeroll. And repeat. I dunno, from the first episode, that looked like a world class production. And the Canadian reaction to that is another eyeroll, exhale, followed by an eyeroll, isn’t it?

Yours in gossip,


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