Dear Gossips,

Have you seen the cover of Marie Claire South Africa? I’ve attached it below. That’s Kate Middleton’s head on a model’s body. And apparently the pages are more of the same - Catherine Cambridge “wearing” South African designers as part of a “fan art tribute”.


There were people who thought this would be a good idea and not a horribly embarrassing reflection on the Marie Claire brand? I’ve always wondered how that works. Whether or not each magazine location must report back to a central headquarters. If that’s the case, the people over at central should be sharing some of this shame too. Like, if you’re a celebrity and Marie Claire South Africa wants you for their cover (Leighton Meester covered the previous issue and Zooey Deschanel a couple months before that, and Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes in the early part of 2012), even if it’s just a recycle of another shoot, do you consider declining...based on the fact that they jacked up the Princess of England for a one-time amateur stunt? How does this bring prestige to the local talent when their magazine editors are faking images to show the clothing? This did nothing to advance the industry. If anything it might be a very poor reflection that they’re not all that legit. From now on then you have to specify: “Marie Claire...but not the South African one”.

Yours in gossip,