Dear Gossips,

The UK Sun published an article the other day about a British rock star with a love child. He’d allegedly fathered a daughter with a woman in New York and refused to pay £2 million and was at risk of being exposed. If/when discovered, his wife would throw him out. 

The prevailing assumption, of course, was Chris Martin. It is not Chris Martin. Page Six reports today that it’s Liam Gallagher. Are you relieved…or are you disappointed?

A quick scheduling note: Jacek and I are relocating to Toronto at the end of the month. The movers are coming tomorrow to pick up our sh-t. We’ll be finishing off the last of our packing this afternoon and evening. And tomorrow I won’t have a desk or, really, a working surface. So there may be some interruptions to the blog although we are trying our best to avoid that. Am trying to figure out where I can set myself up temporarily. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience. Will make it up to you with a fresh blind riddle. It’s a good one. Totally came out of nowhere.

Yours in gossip,