Dear Gossips,

Last Friday we ended the day with old crusty ass Prince Philip who barked at a photographer, “Just take the f-cking picture” while posing at an event. Click here for a refresher. This Friday we begin the day with Prince Philip who, during a visit to the Chadwell Heath Community Centre, asked a group of Asian women:

“Who do you sponge off?”

The palace insists that the question should be taken in context, because the women had just presented the Queen with a sponge cake. Later on, he also apparently asked them if they just gossip all the time when they meet. When speaking to the media about the incident, a trustee for the Chadwell Heath Asian Women’s Network said that it was a teasing moment and no offence was taken.

Well, sure. They bitch about it and the royals will never come back to highlight the work they’re doing. But, really, if we’re talking about gossiping and sponging, couldn’t you call Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, the most glorified Plus One in the world? And wasn’t the royal court the world capital of gossip for centuries?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip (proudly),