Dear Gossips,

The Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning. Duana’s article will be posted shortly but, for now, please, enough with Downton Abbey. And this is what I mean about the prestige of it all. Because Downton is really just The Young & The Restless with an English Accent. And even though Michelle Dockery is lovely, eating up one of the 7 Best Actress spots when, as Tatiana Maslany’s plays just as many, and brilliantly, on Orphan Black, is kind of a bust.

So we are balls deep in boxes and moving has made me a minimalist. You know what happens when you move? Suddenly all my f-cking hair ties show up. I am finding hair ties everywhere. Again, as mentioned yesterday, it’s kinda messy here at LaineyGossip headquarters (our small apartment) so the blog schedule might be off and on today. Doing our best to make sure there are no major interruptions to your gossip service. We are sorry in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Yours in gossip,