Dear Gossips,

Britney Spears is expected to make a formal announcement about her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood in the next couple of weeks. According to, one of her fansites, the contract was just signed. TMZ is also reporting that the deal is done and that part of the agreement is for Britney to show up at the occasional pool party at the hotel resort. Supposedly it’ll be like no other Vegas show you’ve ever seen. The lineup and the sets will change consistently, $20 million worth of renovations are underway, and the first show is expected to be around New Year’s Eve.

So…how much?

A LOT, no doubt. Enough for Team Spears to push her back into that kind of work schedule. For the last few years, Britney has barely been capable of hitting her dance marks cleanly. Most of the time she stands in one spot and just waves her arms around. And now this? Several performances a week and indefinitely? They say that, ironically, a Vegas residency is actually more stable than touring because everyone has to come to you, the schedule is always the same, and it allows for a pattern to life as opposed to the unpredictability of it on the road.

Sure. But, really, what’s the necessity? This is an adult superstar and mother of two who is still legally governed by her father. Let me repeat that just in case you missed it – she is still LEGALLY GOVERNED by her father. 31 years old and not in control of her own life. Still, they keep pushing her out there.

But the truth is, we might own some of that responsibility too. Because, well, don’t you kinda want to see that show?

We are still in move-mode. It’ll be this way until we settle in Toronto, hopefully at the end of the month, early August at the latest. Managed to get through yesterday with a lot of content and no interruption. Today is trickier as Jacek’s on the road. It could be a lighter blog to start the weekend. Hope that’s ok. So sorry for any inconveniences we’ve caused this week.

As for why we’re relocating – and some shameless self-promotion – I’m profiled about it in the new issue of FLARE on newsstands now. Normally I hate photo shoots and all the resulting pictures. But I can live with this one, I think because I got to wear my own shoes. Click here to read the article. And my gratitude of you who visit this site, sometimes multiple times a day, and make it part of your gossip routine. Truly, truly appreciate your support. Thank you, love you, owe you.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,