Dear Gossips,

Emma Thompson was nominated for an Emmy award yesterday for her work in The Song Of Lunch. Then my friend Laura sent me a note:

P.S. I checked out the emmy nominations today and noticed something I've never heard of "The Song of Lunch".  So I decided to check it out.  Now I feel compelled to see it because these are our favourite people.

Ummm...Emma and Alan Rickman!?! It’s on iTunes. Obviously what I’m watching this weekend. We may need the two of them today too.

My review for The Dark Knight Rises will be postponed until Monday.  

Thank you for your messages about what I’ve been reading this summer. I actually haven’t fallen in love yet. But at the top of the list this weekend is Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. Some have called her the new Nora Ephron which...I mean... even if I do fall in love with it and Moran, I still wouldn’t put it that way. Do we have to do that? Nora just left. And besides, this of Nora’s voice and her origin generation. Moran is 37. How can it possibly be the same? Will let you know when I finish.

Yours in gossip,