Dear Gossips,

How much do you think Universal paid Beyonce to be involved, somehow, in Fifty Shades Of Grey? When you work with Beyonce, it’s not just a song on the soundtrack either. It’s whatever Beyonce wants. If Beyonce wants to be the one to post a new teaser for the movie on Instagram, that’s what Beyonce gets. Worth it?

When Sarah from Cinesnark asked me about it yesterday, I told her that Fifty Shades Of Beyonce suddenly seems a lot more appealing to me. Beyonce + Sam Taylor-Johnson? Even better. Most of the time, a film is not better than the book. This time, the film will DEFINITELY be better than the book. Not that it would be hard, because you can’t get worse than that book and the “inner goddess” but it seems like Universal has the sense to spend money were it matters, complementing the property with the kind of ancillary support – in the form of Beysus, no less – that suggests that what we might be seeing in the movie is a lot more high quality than what we had to endure in the writing.

But wait…

Page Six keeps reporting that Beyonce is about to leave her husband. That Jay is trying to save their marriage with counselors and therapists travelling on tour with them but that she’s out, and she’ll be announcing it as soon as On The Run is over.

What if Fifty Shades Of Beyonce turned into Beyonce single lady coming out party? Again, that’s what happens when you invite Beyonce to the party. The party becomes Beyonce.

Yours in gossip,