Dear Gossips,

Miley Cyrus confirmed yesterday on Instagram that she’s hosting the MTV VMAs August 30. Taylor Swift just happens to have that night off from touring. And the night before, she’s close by, in San Diego so it’s not like she’d have to travel far. MTV will announce the nominations today. And, after the year she’s had, and all the collecting that’s happened, it’s hard to imagine Taylor not showing up on that list.

A few days ago, Miley posted a photo of Taylor and Justin Bieber on Instagram. Click here for a refresher. Taylor responded with a signature passive aggressive “Sending you love”. Was that a preview? Or were they setting us up for a fake-out? Like, can you see them walking on stage, hand in hand, at the VMAs?

It’s been 3 years since MTV’s had a host at all for the VMAs. Last time was Kevin Hart in 2012. I don’t actually remember anything that he did. The host hasn’t been a factor at the VMAs in a long time. A host like Miley, however, expects to be a factor. I mean, she’s not saying yes to the opportunity only to show up 3 or 4 times and read sh-t off a prompter. Miley’s there to be a spectacle.

Yours in gossip,