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Dear Gossips,

Who DOESN’T win at the Teen Choice Awards? The formula at MTV seems to be “we’ll give you something if you show up”. The formula for the TCA goes beyond that: “we want everyone to show up so everyone gets something”. It’s like school these days - you get a medal even if you don’t place.

Finally saw Savages this weekend. Jesus. It was appalling. And not just Blake Lively. She, Taylor Kitsch, and Aaron Johnson, they were all equally terrible. But the film isn’t a total waste. Here’s what I took away from Savages:

1.John Travolta is (still) so entertaining. There’s a reason he became a big movie star. That quality is still there. When I’m watching John Travolta in a movie, I don’t see the dude who makes special requests of his masseur at the spa. It’s his advantage over Tom Cruise, isn’t it? Tom Cruise onscreen is no longer separable from who you think he is in real life. Travolta though has managed to retain character independence. If you watched back Pulp Fiction right now for example, wouldn’t you still find him believable as Vincent Vega taking a dump in the diner while Jules is trying to chill Yolanda out?

2. I could never decide whether or not Blake Lively’s breasts are real or fake. Savages has answered this question for me, definitively: fake.

Heavy column today including a brief overview from the Teen Choice Awards by Duana. Please also check LifeStyle for TCA fashion highlights.

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