Dear Gossips,

Shortly after it was confirmed that American Idol would become Must See Mimi TV yesterday, TMZ reported that Mimi was a “nightmare to work with” the last time she was on Idol as a mentor. Apparently Mimi was chronically late and also super dramatic about the smallest details. Like whether or not the camera was shooting her from a slightly downward angle so as to make her look smaller. Obviously.


Why else would all of us be rejoicing? Isn’t that the formula for groundbreaking television? Talent, unpredictability, narcissism, and it’s LIVE. Think of the bullsh-t reality shows you all waste your time on: bachelors, Jersey lowlifes, Kardashians, underage beauty pageant contestants, teen mothers...

You watch it because you crave the drama and you’re rubbernecking on the crazy, even if it means giving such losers a career. Mariah Carey’s American Idol delivers on exactly that...except she’s not a loser! She’s a proper, mega, mega MEGA superstahhhhh! Please. Let us cherish this.

But first... the Olympics! I am totally ready. I feel well prepared. I know my event schedule, I’ve coordinated it with my sleep schedule, and even though there’s some travel involved next week, I think I may be able to manage most of it live. Have you seen David Beckham’s surprise video - attached below? SO jacked for Friday.

Yours in gossip,