Dear Gossips,

“Come on, poppet,” said Prince William to Kate as he wrapped up their brief media session outside the hospital yesterday. Poppet! So that’s what the future King calls his wife. As I wrote yesterday, it was a perfectly executed, flawless presentation, from the timing – allowing UK broadcasters to report on the late night news and US broadcasters to lead with the story on the evening news and the newspapers to be able to make their print times for today – to the simple elegance of it all to the relatability, as the photo of William’s relief in securing the car seat makes its way across the internet.

And of course it’s the Princess herself. As I’ve explained before, since their marriage, I have insisted on calling Catherine “princess” as opposed to “duchess”, her actual title. Because “duchess” is so old school. And this is a very, very modern couple, with a very, very modern approach, calculated so to reinvigorate the monarchy. As Duana put it yesterday, “this is a new world”. It is a world where the common girl who married their heir steps out for the first time post-labour accessibly showing off her rather substantial residual bump instead of hiding her body. That’s not the move of a “duchess”. That is very much the move of a savvy, pragmatic Princess who has never been more popular.

And they will continue to dominate the news cycle because he still has to be named. Is the name delay about theatre or is it that they want to get to know him a little more before deciding? After all, this little dude will be a monarch. You can’t just call him… Justin.

Yours in gossip,


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