Dear Gossips,

Duana hasn’t read Twilight, hasn’t watched the movies. She’s also always been indifferent to Kristen Stewart. Until yesterday. Not unlike many of you who had no use for Twilight and Stewart until their universe exploded. That’s the reach of this scandal. Because the best scandals are more than just tabloid covers. The best scandals are the ones that reflect something back about ourselves.

When Brad left Jennifer to be with Angelina, it wasn’t just that Hollywood’s hottest leading actor was hooking up with Hollywood’s sexiest leading lady. What he was leaving was every girl next door, every wife in the MiniVan in favour of the attractive colleague who sits in the office next to her husband’s.

When Katie blindsided Tom, it was more than just another Hollywood divorce. She became the representative of every woman who has ever felt controlled and commanded, every parent who wanted better for their daughter, every single mother who had the courage to start over.

The best scandals are social reflections. They are processed internally and personalised. It is the same with Kristen Stewart’s cheating situation and subsequent apology. Besides the obvious intrigue and the salaciousness of those pictures, what we’re getting here is a Lolita-Hester Prynne hybrid with shades of Nell. Remember Nell? Sometimes when I watch Kristen Stewart being all awkward whenever she has to...interact with the world...I feel like she’s imitating Nell. Anyway, the point is that there are enough pieces here that make this story so much more. More than Actress Caught, Boyfriend Distraught.

One more day to the Olympics!

I have never been more desperate to speak Italian than I am now. If only to keep up on Federica Pellegrini and Filippo Magnini but mostly Federica. On top of the dramatics of her love life, she’s usually good for a throw down especially at a major event. My dream of mole-blogging from inside the Athlete’s Village is not to be. Still...smut will always find its out.

Yours in gossip,