Dear Gossips,

At the time of this post, the New York Magazine website is down. They’ve tweeted that they’re experiencing technical difficulties and are trying to fix the problem. Maybe the problem is volume. Last night the magazine published its new cover story featuring 35 of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims, photographed face forward, and an empty chair, meant to symbolise women who’ve yet to come forward. It’s a powerful visual. These are victims who refuse now to exist in shadow.

The magazine spent 6 months investigating the claims. All 35 women were interviewed separately, their stories all told. And their stories are remarkably similar. In addition to their accounts, journalist’s Noreen Malone writes about society’s changing attitude – and subsequent understanding – about rape, and how the internet has helped women find their voice:

"In the '60s, when the first alleged assault by Cosby occurred, rape was considered to be something violent committed by a stranger … But among younger women, and particularly online, there is a strong sense now that speaking up is the only thing to do, that a woman claiming her own victimhood is more powerful than any other weapon in the fight against rape."

Keep clicking here to read the NY Mag feature. As I mentioned, the site is currently down. But that shouldn’t stop you from going back as often as possible until you can hear for yourself from the women that Bill Cosby tried to silence.

Yours in gossip,