Dear Gossips,

I read a great article this morning over at Vulture about pop culture and canon. Specifically the tenuous relationship between creators and fans and the territorial conflict that can arise when they don’t agree. Or when new creators come on board and start to expand the universe. It’s the cause of a lot of geek angst.  It might be the cause of most geek angst. I’ve seen it. Sarah and I saw a lot of it in our inboxes this season during Game Of Thrones. And there was that one time she got yelled at for calling it “Dr” Strange instead of “Doctor” Strange.

It’s unfair though to say that this is only a nerd thing because it’s not like people don’t get pissed off when someone does a cover of a classic song and they don’t like the interpretation and all kinds of shouting breaks out on the internet. One year, at the Grammys, Mary J Blige performed One with U2. And during a random conversation some time later I might have mentioned how much I loved it and that, in a certain mood, I might even have loved it more than the original. I swear to God the person I was talking to looked at me like I’d just murdered puppies.

OK but then I got all self-righteous last week when Lifetime released the cast photo from their unauthorised 90210 movie. Because WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW THEM AT ALL.

Click here to read the Vulture piece. And I’ve embedded the Mary J/U2 collaboration below so we can fight about it.

Yours in gossip,