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Dear Gossips,

It's Tom Cruise's birthday today. He's 51. He was at Chateau Marmont last night, presumably celebrating. I've attached photos below of him leaving on his bike. In honour of his special day, I'm also attaching my favourite TC photo of all time -- you know the one. And if you don't, well, enjoy.

A year ago, Tom turned 50, suddenly single. Wisely, especially after that Vanity Fair slam-piece, Tom refrained from auditioning any girlfriends the last 12 months, sitting out an appropriate amount of time after Katie Holmes left him to put some proper distance between that relationship and whatever his next will be. WHO will that be?

Johnny Depp has Amber Heard so… Tom now has licence to expand his search – 27 and over. Well that’s too bad. Ashley Greene just misses the cut by a year.

Happy Independence Day tomorrow! If you’re working over the long weekend America, please know that we are here in Canada too. It’s gossip-business as usual tomorrow and Friday at Join us if you’re around.

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