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Dear Gossips,

The Lone Ranger is getting some really sh-tty reviews. Which isn’t necessarily an obstacle for a blockbuster but in this case, some analysts are saying it might not make back its production budget. If so, Johnny Depp may not be as reliable as he used to be. My recommendation for those of you enjoying the long weekend in America? Continue to support The Heat. Johnny Depp doesn’t need your business. He still won’t get out of bed for less than $20 million.

Happy Independence Day. As you know, it’s not a holiday unless Mimi’s showing off her body – this time in stars and stripes. Mimi posted this on her Twitter partly as a demonstration of patriotic pride and mostly to promote her body…and her appearance on NBC’s Fourth of July special. The USA gets Mimi in high heels and (fake) vocal gymnastics. Meanwhile, we here in Canada are still celebrating Chavril’s black wedding.

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