Dear Gossips,

Is it fitting that a divorce involving a Scientologist has been characterised by so much misinformation? Because there is a lot of it where Tom and Katie's implosion is concerned. It's a story that will play out over the next few weeks. Maybe months. Possibly even years. It's certainly what most of you have been emailing about, and definitely the smuttiest headline in gossip in a long, long time. With both sides leaking details to support their claims though, and then passed through the media outlets that are serving their own narratives, this is becoming an increasingly complicated Gossip Buffet. As I always say, you choose what’s on your plate. Just... be aware what you’re putting on it could be, literally, full of sh-t.

And onwards...

Is it super lame that through it all I keep saying to myself - please let this never happen to Brange? Chill. That is not a premonition. Last I heard, Brange is fine. Brad and George Clooney aren’t single but Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp are. This wasn’t predictable, right?

Yours in gossip,


PS. More highlights from Couture Week in Paris can be found in LifeStyle. Now you know I rarely, if ever, post photos of Kanye West’s girlfriend on my blog but I really, really love the look on Fleur Delacour’s face seated next to them at Valentino. If only I could express disdain so elegantly.