Dear Gossips,

Is there a scene from a movie you’ve always daydreamed about being in? For me it’s the Breakfast Club dance montage, particularly when Molly Ringwald is doing her thing on the landing. You know, her outfit still holds up today. Oh and also Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith when they’re kicking the sh-t out of each other in their house. At one point she slides across the floor on her knees with her machine gun, SO badass. Too bad about all the scandal surrounding that film. Go back and watch it. It’s actually terribly underrated.

As for Duana, well, that’s easy - for Duana the musical theatre geek, her Citizen Kane is, obviously, is the classic 1993 hit Sister Act 2 in which Whoopi Goldberg, the Las Vegas lounge singer, once again goes undercover as a nun, this time to inspire a group of disaffected inner city high school students, one of them being Lauryn Hill. Duana wanted to be Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2 when she grew up. And if you know Duana, you’ve likely had to the endure the sight of her performing a scene from Sister Act 2 for you...anywhere, anytime. Probably Oh Happy Day. Click here to remember the original version.

Duana was married on Saturday. I texted Sasha an hour before the ceremony - get ready because she is about to blow your f-cking mind. The dress, the hairpiece, there is no describing how exquisite she was. Many of you have emailed to ask for pictures etc. Well here’s an opportunity to girlcode on a Monday morning: the initial posting of wedding photos, particularly of the bride, is a right reserved for the couple getting married, non? I hear about a lot of Facebook and Twitter drama over who put up a picture of what from the wedding that happened last weekend and when it was too soon and how it wasn’t their call. Should we declare it offside? What is the argument against having the actual people who got married post their photos first before you rush to do it for them if they hadn’t asked you to do it for them? Is there one? It’s not my place to show you any images of Duana from her wedding. But I can show you what we played for her.

To surprise her, we recreated Oh Happy Day from Sister Act 2. We knew she would lose it, seeing so many of her favourite faces, people she adores and who adore her, gathered all together lipsynching in her honour. Predictably she freaked out and has since watched it over and over again. With the popularity of Glee and all those singing shows, I’m actually surprised they haven’t rebooted this yet. Please may they never, EVER, EVER.

Today’s column - making up for a short Friday with a heavy Monday including more on Tom and Katie.

Yours in gossip,