Dear Gossips,

I would have rather looked at Theon Greyjoy’s “favourite toy” than see what they did to Robb Stark and Grey Wind. Best breakup of the year, and perhaps since Brenda told Kelly and Dylan to never speak to her again? If only they could all break up with bows and arrows. And so begins a long 10 month wait for more. Mhysa want more!

While we’re at it, and talking like Jar Jar Binks, Mhysa love Cyndi Lauper who is now, after winning at the Tony Awards last night, an Oscar away from EGOT. We live-blogged the Tonys last night. See below to catch up on the conversation. While Duana musical-nerded her way through the show, appreciating most moments more than the rest of us, we did all agree that Neil Patrick Harris is...everything. And probably won’t be appreciated for it until he’s 40, and celebrated for it until he’s 50. Which is too f-cking bad. Because the opening and closing numbers were all the superlatives put together, and more.

Heads up -- Toronto SMUT tickets are on sale now!

Yours in gossip,