Dear Gossips,

I love Emma Thompson. But Emma Thompson made some comments a few weeks ago about motherhood that many people reacted strongly to. Click here if you missed it.

“You can’t be a great mum and keep working all the time.”

No, I’m not a mother but I didn’t find her remarks particularly inspiring.

Shonda Rhimes on the other hand…

Duana sent this to me yesterday and the title of her email was This WOMAN. It’s Rhimes’s commencement speech at Dartmouth. I recommend you read the transcript and then watch the video. It’s amazing. It’s F-CKING amazing. It’s as Duana has always said: Kill The Dreams. Dreams are useless. WORK is what matters. And service. It’s the service that matters more than the “special”.

As for Rhimes’s thoughts on being a working mother, how can there be just one way of doing it? Click here to read her remarks. This WOMAN.

Yours in gossip,