Dear Gossips,

We’ll be liveblogging the Tony Awards every year even though only a fraction of the regulars came to play. Because, well, no other show provides that level of entertainment. And besides, who wins at the Tonys is not a foregone you can see from James Earl Jones’s face below (source). I cannot stop looking at this picture, I love it so much. Theatre people obviously don’t practise their poker faces enough. Click here for our Tony Awards liveblog. A few highlights from the event will appear in today’s column...which I tried to start much earlier especially since I woke up at 4am to watch Rafa win the French Open but I learned today that I am totally unproductive when I’m watching a history-making Grand Slam final. There are so many sporting events happening concurrently right now I actually feel panicked about not being able to fit them all in. Reminds me of a great article I read the other day on Grantland by Bill Simmons - who really isn’t my favourite - about watching his daughter fall in love with hockey and her hockey team. THIS is the kind of sport interest we should be encouraging. This is what it looks like when it happens to girls. As opposed to having two broads on a pink set for a national tv show giggling about jock straps and which player would make a better boyfriend. Click here to read the post. And please OKC. Please, please, PLEASE take down the Heat.

Yours in gossip,