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Dear Gossips,

The Critics’ Choice TV Awards happened last night. I had no idea those even existed. Here’s what made sense:

Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad tied for Best Drama. Bryan Cranston won for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Best Movie or Miniseries went to Behind The Candelabra and Michael Douglas was named Best Actor for it.

What didn’t make sense: The Big Bang Theory.

I don’t get it.

Just like Emmy voters don’t get Game Of Thrones.

Will this match the Emmys? Behind The Candelabra for sure. Game Of Thrones? Emmy voters prefer their English accents with tea. Sh-tty Downton Abbey has a better chance, I think. They’re all campaigning hard now in advance of the nominations which will be announced on July 18.

You know what show never won an Emmy for Best Drama? Wait for it. You know it’s coming. Friday Night Lights! But it’s only because I wanted an excuse to post this photo:

Of Coach and Tami Taylor reunited this weekend in Austin at the ATX Television Festival. It was a surprise appearance. They just...showed up. Because those characters are as dear to them as they are to us. Click here to read about the panel. Devon was there! You’ll love the part about Taylor Kitsch’s audition for Riggins. Also, did you know Crucifictorious is still a way?

Yours in gossip,


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