Dear Gossips,

Got back from Banff last night and had to watch Game Of Thrones again from the comfort of my own bed. By the show’s episode 9 standards, I can’t say it was my favourite. But… I have a question I can’t stop thinking about. About my favourite character of the series…


Why didn’t Jon Snow take Ghost with him? My favourite scene this season has been when Jon and Ghost find each other again. The look on Kit Harington’s face when he says, “Come here!” almost made me cry. Like, if I had a direwolf, I would pick fights ALL THE TIME, especially with the King Beyond The Wall.

Check out Harington arriving in New York the other day with his hair pulled back. He keeps complaining that he’s not allowed to cut it. You know why he needs to stop it with that sh-t? Pompeii. Now how many more seasons do we have to go before he has sex with the Khaleesi?

Yours in gossip,