Dear Gossips,

Re: the Paramount photo in Vanity Fair - click here if you missed the article from yesterday - and whether or not there’s behind-the-scenes video -- many of you thought they faked it, that they must have been photographed separately in singles, pairs, and clumps and then pieced together...?

There is indeed footage from the shoot. Because there is ALWAYS footage from the shoot. Never mind the “making of”, these days they even have the “making of the making of”. What’s in it? Nothing gossipy, obviously. There’s the obligatory shot of Brad Pitt and George Clooney hanging out, Tom Cruise puffing his chest out looking hilariously awkward with Oliver Stone and Leonardo DiCaprio, RDJ and Johnny Knoxville joking (which is totally a movie I would watch), Demi Moore laughing (and this went down just days before she was rushed to hospital for that “whip-it” incident), and Paula Patton posing really hard.

God I love Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson probably says to them every day - I did it all, and worse, and I’m not sorry, and will never have to apologise.

Yours in gossip,