Dear Gossips,

It’s official. Jurassic World has surpassed the first Avengers movie for biggest opening weekend ever, earning almost $209 million so Chris Pratt + Dinosaurs took out a team of superheroes. Chris Pratt. You go, Chris Pratt. Other than Chris Pratt, who else is going to be the Sexiest Man Alive?

But, as I’ve already griped about (many, many times), it should have been last year. I don’t know what PEOPLE was thinking bypassing him last year. If they hadn’t bypassed him last year, their reigning SMA would also be the reigning King of the Box Office. And they would have been ahead of it and not behind.

A video of Pratt getting pranked by dinosaurs was posted online yesterday. As you can see, his press people were in on it. Which means they were confident that he’d react well to it. That he wouldn’t demand to see the footage and ask for edits and stress about what he looks like, how he’s portrayed, what people would think. l know a guy with a different entourage who probably wouldn’t have been so easy about it.

Yours in gossip,