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Dear Gossips,

Duana posted an article yesterday about Jennifer Love Hewitt, the executive producer of The Client List who is insisting on having her real life fiancé and baby father be the baby father of her character on the show, even though, creatively, the showrunner isn’t in support of that storyline. Apparently she’s been demanding that his part be increased for a while now and this time she’s threatening to walk if they don’t give in. Click here to read that article. In her assessment of the situation, Duana noted that while JLH’s decisions may be misguided, her power trip may also be justified. The Client List would not happen without her.

Could the same be said for Charlie Sheen? Sheen got Selma Blair fired off of Anger Management yesterday after finding out that she’d been complaining about his work ethic to producers. Word is, Sheen is always late and the cast and crew have to sit around all day waiting for him to show up and when he does, he often doesn’t know his lines. When Sheen, an executive producer on the show, found out, he too threatened to walk unless Blair was cut. When the network relented, he then texted Blair, calling her a c-nt, and told her not to come back to work.

It’s one thing to indulge a celebrity for needing to keep her boyfriend happy -- and in JLH’s case, that’s not even a done deal yet; Deadline reports that she and producers are at an “impasse” -- but it’s another to indulge one who abuses his colleagues and takes advantage of their time while prioritising his own. Still, it took only 48 hours for Charlie Sheen to get rid of Selma Blair. Being spoiled pays off way more in Hollywood when you’re a man, non?

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