Dear Gossips,

Now that Game Of Thrones has wrapped, HBO is moving us right into True Detective season 2, premiering on Sunday in Canada and the US. I wasn’t into the first season. The partnership between Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson didn’t interest me, wasn’t new for me. What interests me this time is Rachel McAdams. Always Rachel McAdams.

Except she’s not the one who’s been on the talk show circuit this week promoting the show. Instead, Colin Farrell has assumed that responsibility, in New York the last few days on morning television and last night, with Vince Vaughn on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon playing a game called True Confessions (which is why I don’t have any new photos of her). Maybe it’ll be a staggered press tour. Maybe Rachel will head out there before the season finale, although that might be concurrent with press for Southpaw.

Rachel in True Detective is a Rachel we’ve never seen before. She’s showing us a different range, giving us opportunities to imagine her in different roles, roles in which we might not like her so much. This is good. Because being likeable can also be stifling.

Have a great weekend. Happy Father’s Day!

Yours in gossip,