Dear Gossips,

You know what my friend Teri Hart, who moderated last night’s SMUT Soiree pointed out? We see Matt Damon hanging out with George Clooney and John Krasinski. We see him with other people, other friends. Who does Ben Affleck spend time with?

A few years ago, it was at the private poker game with Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. But that’s gambling. That’s not… friend time. When he’s at the casino, more often than not, he’s alone. Someone needs to psychologise that for me.

The full post-SMUT wrap-up, with photos and gossip details, will be posted tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who came! From so far – Montreal, Ottawa, New York, and Boston! Also thanks to all of you for growing my ma’s already enormous ego. The Squawking Chicken loves getting her picture taken. She and dad wore matching outfits: white linen and khakis. They were also the two old people shoving their bags with free sh-t on the way out.

Yours in gossip,