Dear Gossips,

Tom Cruise arrived in Japan in today presumably to promote Edge Of Tomorrow. Didn’t do that well in North America…but so far it’s grossed over $200 million overseas and almost $300 million overall. (Source) Foreign moviegoers are sustaining his career. That’s his base then.

But can’t he afford a bigger sweater? Look at this thing. It’s too short. It’s too tight. What’s the harm in going one size up? Just one size up. Or is that the key? Do small sweaters make men look taller? Is that the key?

In other Tom Cruise news, he and David Beckham are still friends. They were seen together in London on Monday – this photo was taken by a patron at the pub and posted on social media.

They were at a place called The Cow. How did he keep the Beckhams in the divorce? Sunday June 29 marks the two year anniversary of Katie Holmes’s escape from Scientology! I know that date off by heart. Is that sad?

Yours in gossip,