Dear Gossips,

The Newsroom was trending worldwide on Twitter for a while yesterday. Dan Rather liked it. And over 2 million people watched the premiere on HBO, considered a strong debut. The test of course is next week. But still. Even as the critics eviscerated it last week and as Duana wrote in her review yesterday, Sorkin may be infuriating but you can’t look away. Do we really want Aaron Sorkin to change? Really? We need him to be the way he is. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to yell at him.

Thanks to everyone who made SMUT Toronto possible last night. And to all of you for making it so much fun - and our biggest! 800 people were there, HOLY SH-T! Photos and recap to come later. My ma’s white vest on white pants with floral embroidery did not disappoint, did it?

Yours in gossip,