Dear Gossips,

How many chances do you get to get an apology right? Robin Thicke’s been trying for months. And his most recent attempt, that creepy gross video, isn’t a great effort. But then again, monetising your contrition, and attaching it to your career, doesn’t exactly smell like sincerity.

A few weeks ago, Jonah Hill went on Howard Stern and a couple of other talk shows and grovelled for forgiveness after throwing down a homophobic slur on camera. The latest late night apologiser is Gary Oldman who sat on Kimmel’s couch last night and expressed his profound regret for the Playboy interview.

It was certainly better than the written statement from yesterday – click here for a refresher. But even Kimmel pointed out – he’s one of the best actors in the business. And there’s a movie to promote.

Yours in gossip,