Dear Gossips,

I like this description of The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, that I read over at A.V. Club:

Part of the point here is to stake a claim on a genre that’s traditionally been a boys’ club, and in that regard, The Heat delivers: In a bonding moment, this odd couple goes on a bender as epic as anything in The Hangover.

Most of the reviews for the film aren’t great. And it kinda scares me, if there are to be consequences from that. Because it would mean that a female buddy comedy has to be good AND profitable for there to be more.

Flew back to Vancouver last night for a 12 hour turnaround before heading off to San Francisco this morning at 8am. Several articles have been prepared in advance and I’ll resume blogging when I land and get checked in, around 11am. There should be no interruption to your gossip service.

And the SMUT Soiree Toronto photos will be posted to lead the day. Don’t forget to vote for the winner of the H&M + FLARE Smut Style Award!

Yours in gossip,