Dear Gossips,

In yesterday’s blog open, I wrote of The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy that, “most of the reviews for the film aren’t great. And it kinda scares me, if there are to be consequences from that. Because it would mean that a female buddy comedy has to be good AND profitable for there to be more”.

To add to that, I received a very thoughtful email from a longtime reader called Nell yesterday who attended “A Conversation with Paul Feig” in New York the other day. Feig directed The Heat and he talked about how the film came together, and what scenes were scripted and which ones showcased McCarthy’s excellent improv instincts. More importantly though, he also said that since The Heat is the ONLY big studio picture featuring two female leads this summer, there likely won’t be another one if it doesn’t do well at the box office. That’s how the industry is set up right now. Adam Sandler can send out as much bullsh-t as he wants, over and over and over again, but women only get one chance. Just…maybe some incentive – if you needed more – to go see The Heat? (Thanks Nell!) 

I’m in San Francisco on a double junket. So Dean, Duana, Maria, and Sarah are helping out today with extra posts while I manage the interviews and screenings. Tell you how it goes on Tuesday – there’s one interview that’s particularly high on the quiveration quotient and I’m nervous.

It’s a long weekend in Canada. Happy Canada Day! We’ll be open for business here on Monday but it’ll be light for content. Hope that’s ok. Regular schedule will resume Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,