Dear Gossips,

Judy Blume is currently in Toronto promoting her new book In The Unlikely Event. Duana wrote about it a few weeks ago – click here and click here for a refresher. This is exciting. Actually, it’s the MOST exciting. And I know many of you understand. I know many of you feel the same way: that she saved us, didn’t she? I was an awkward Chinese kid living through my parents’ divorce and finding new reasons to hate myself every day, like many of you when you were growing up, and Judy’s books were always there, not necessarily to explain or to fix it, but to tell you that you should keep trying to figure it out, that she trusted that you would figure it out.

As of this post, I just finished the first (for etalk) of two interviews with Judy Blume. She’ll be live on The Social later today. In case there was any doubt, I want you to know: She’s everything you imagine/want/hope her to be. She’s thoughtful. She’s honest. She’s smarter than all the people in the room. But most importantly, she’s so, SO kind. I’ve only spent 20 minutes with her – so far – and already I can feel her kindness, her empathy. And you would have to be next level kind, next level GOOD, to have had this effect on so many of us. As Duana said in her review of In The Unlikely Event, Judy Blume helped us to be adults. Is still helping us in adulthood.

Today, and every day, I love Judy Blume.

Yours in gossip,