Dear Gossips,

Was that Harper Seven Beckham playing Rhaego, the son of the Khaleesi and the Moon Of Her Life? Totally looked like it. As for the ending, Dylan called it “Fraggle Rock” while Duana used the term “muppets”. I’m with them - why did it have to end on such a cheap note? No, actually, f-ck it - why did it have to end at all?????? What I love most about Game Of Thrones is that it’s the complicated, often despicable ones who are the most interesting. Like Theon Greyjoy. Theon Greyjoy is infinitely more watchable than Robb Stark. In entertainment terms that’s usually rewarded by more screen-time. And a longer life. Sansa, who I’m growing to love, is looking more and more like Ebola Paris Hilton in the face. This is distressing me a lot. Duana’s final Game Of Thrones recap and analysis of the season will follow later. But how will we make it (at least) another 10 months?

God I love how the British Royals take care of their sh-t. We were in London last year to cover the Royal Wedding and the precision of it all, considering the elements that had to be taken into consideration, is astonishing. Or is it that we’re just so used to people being OK with not being precise?

We’ll also get to the MTV Movie Awards today. Check Lifestyle for more pictures from the event too.

Yours in gossip,


Ps. On June 4, 1989 Chinese student activists lobbying for reform and freedom were run over by tanks and lit on fire by their Communist government. The event was initially referred to as the Tiananmen Square Massacre in the West. We call it “Six-Four”. Every year on 6-4, the Communist censors work extra hard to silence the memories. It never happened, didn’t you know? There will be no mention of it in China today. Except...

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 64.89 points to close on Monday.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

We Chinese are VERY superstitious. The Communists will be on tilt all day. Lock up all the pretty girls, actresses, and farm animals.