Dear Gossips,

A promotional photo for the upcoming Burton And Taylor was released yesterday -- see attached. Well that’s the difference between the BBC and Lifetime, non? And the difference between HBC and Lindsay Lohan? Please. The preceding sentence was insult enough. Sorry HBC. We will not speak of this again. 

Great news for Taylor Kitsch fans and also Taylor Kitsch. He’s in a film called Lone Survivor and Deadline is reporting that it could contend during award season. While Mark Wahlberg will likely get most of the attention, it’s a good turnaround for Kitsch who had a really sh-tty summer last year at the movies.

So...what do you call your kid if your last name is Rocknroll? Kate Winslet’s publicist confirmed that she and Ned Rocknroll are pregnant:

“I can confirm Kate Winslet is pregnant and she and Ned Rocknroll are thrilled. The baby is due at the end of the year."

I guess they fixed that punctuation problem. Predictions? Kate seems to prefer it short: Mia, Joe...

Kit Rocknroll, that’s what I’ll go with. You?

Tonight -- the first SMUT Calgary. Look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in gossip,