Dear Gossips,

Mimi confirmed yesterday that her new album drops on June 23. "A new era begins," she tweeted. New era? What is this new era? Not entirely sure Mimi knows what an era actually is. I love it when she talks nonsense.

Mostly though, I love seeing her walk with assistance: Watch HER step!

The video below is #beautiful for so many reasons. Mimi killing that glass of wine while in motion, and before her performance, totally surprised me. Mimi can drink and transport herself at the same time?

It always amazes me the low quality sh-t that Mimi actively encourages us to watch. She’s always tweeting footage of herself either in a stairwell or taken with a shaky hand as she walks out to stage. It’s the exact opposite of Beyonce styles. And maybe that’s why we have such affection for her. Mimi is High Maintenance, no question. But she also can’t help but go low, and often. It’s this dichotomy that makes her so f-cking loveable.

Yours in gossip,


PS Look, I have a lot of love for country music. But...why is there a country music awards show every 3 months?!