Dear Gossips,

Box office experts are predicting that The Fault In Our Stars will be #1 this weekend, ahead of Tom Cruise’s Edge Of Tomorrow. People really loved that book. As previously noted, I did not love that book. I mean it was OK, it didn’t suck. But it didn’t affect me the way it affected so many other millions, or the way I was affected by Eleanor & Park.

Still, the success of The Fault In Our Stars illuminates a much more interesting new “phenomenon”: the Book Girls. And their influence is becoming increasingly more powerful.

Duana sent me an article about it yesterday at NPR. More and more the Book Girls will be dictating content and entertainment, more and more they will be shaping pop culture. They have already been shaping it. Nobody noticed though…until they NOTICED.

So what will the Book Girls do with their clout moving forward? At BookCon last week, many of them rallied behind the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign, pushing for more varied representation in the publishing industry and in the writing community because what we have now is a disservice to the people who are actually reading.

Maybe that’ll be the new superhero. Not a woman who can fly or shoot lasers through her one blue eye, but a girl who just loves to…read.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,