Dear Gossips,

First SMUT in Vancouver tonight! See you there?

Thanks for your emails yesterday about You Are Not Special. A couple of hours after I posted a link to that commencement speech, the site went down. Click here for another link to the full transcript and to watch an interview with the English teacher who delivered the address. Why does he have to explain himself??? Also can we please start teaching high school kids that “uh huh” is not an acceptable substitution for “yes” or “you’re welcome”? God I am such an old crusty bitch.

Please check LifeStyle for pictures from the CMT Awards last night. The Tony Awards are happening on Sunday. Will you be watching? Duana and I are wondering if we should be liveblogging it? Please let us know. Duana is a musical theatre nerd. If there’s anyone who could invent a way to sing/blog it would be her.

Yours in gossip,