Dear Gossips,

Last night I watched the screener for HBO’s Game Change. I’ll have a full review next week but first, superficially, they did such a great job of Sarah Palin’s hair for Julianne Moore, I can’t understand why wig and weave action presents such a major problem for other productions.

Game Change airs on March 10 on HBO and HBO Canada. Whether or not you agree with the politics though, this one is a must. Moore is - as usual, because she’s amazing - amazing. Especially in her scenes with Woody Harrelson. Is it overrated to say he’s underrated? He really is. Haymitch!

What we do in service of winning, it’s a terrible, terrible thing.

Sasha Finds is back today in LifeStyle. Hayley’s posting today too, and it’s ready-to-wear week in Paris. Check the LifeStyle page to see the collections.

Also, for you Parenthood fans, thanks for your emails and tweets. Duana’s written an end of season report that’ll go up this morning.

And the Annual Contest winner will be announced later today in a new article for SCENE.

Yours in gossip,