Dear Gossips,

Been on a really heavy reading streak the last few months. By heavy I mean volume and content. Part of it is that I let my shelf get too high. And I’ve been preparing for Canada Reads. The debates begin next Monday. Click here to see this year’s list. I’ll be defending Raziel Reid’s When Everything Feels Like The Movies and trying not to get picked off first.

One of the most memorable books for me over the winter reading session was Catherine Gildiner’s memoir Coming Ashore. She writes about an era I’ve always glamourised (60s and 70s) in places I’ve always imagined living, a life that I’ve screenplayed a thousand times in my head. Like every good author though, she lures you with what you want and then ends up giving you what you need.

But I feel like I need a break from the serious, you know? It’s time to go porn, check in with some new adult, some good old romantic angst. And today happens to be the release date for the new Colleen Hoover, Confess. Her last book was called Ugly Love. And I mainlined it in 2 hours. What I like about Hoover is that while you still get “the formula” which is standard with these kinds of stories, and the foreplay and penetration scenes, the writing isn’t EL James. Hoover has a lot of talent. Her work is well structured, her dialogue is totally believable, and there are moments of real humour. So anyway, Confess is going to be my Next…

As soon as I finish my f-cking homework. Am still drafting my remarks for Walrus Talks Creativity on Thursday at my alma mater, Western University. Last night I think I actually wrote a paragraph relating Neanderthal gossip to the Royal Family. If you want to come see me get laughed off stage, click here for tickets.

Yours in gossip,