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Dear Gossips,

I mean, it’s not like he’ll shave his head while the paps keep shooting...right? Justin Bieber? Besides, that was six years ago. (Can you believe it was six years ago?) They do it differently these days. And they don’t need photographers to document their meltdowns. This is what Twitter is for. No matter the medium though, the process is still the same. Special inevitably becomes “troubled”. And coping with trouble becomes more about damage control and financial investment protection than it is about whether or not the source of the trouble is ever addressed. Who’s around to tell Justin Bieber he’s a punk? The same person who let him wear overalls to receive an award from the Prime Minister? The same people who kept telling him he was done a disservice by the recording academy when they didn’t nominate him for a Grammy? The same people who’ve encouraged him to collaborate with Chris Brown? 

Did you read that Maclean’s profile on Bieber from a few months ago? The writer, Brian D Johnson, noted:

“...while I wait outside with an older couple who don’t look like typical fans. They turn out to be grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale, who helped raise the singer in Stratford, Ont. Their unwed daughter gave birth to Justin at 18, while his 19-year-old dad was in jail. The Dales have been on tour with Bieber for three weeks, travelling in their own bus. But do they get to see much of him? “We had breakfast with him once,” says Bruce. So why do they tag along? “Something is better than nothing. And he wants us with him.”

You have to really spoil your kid if he gets to the point where he only has breakfast ONCE with his grandparents as they follow him around on tour, just because he “wants us” there.

But guess what?

It’s the media that’s to blame. Of course. It’s never, ever the parents, especially when they believe in God.

Yours in gossip,


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