Dear Gossips,

My happiness from the Blue Steel on the Valentino runway yesterday still hasn’t faded. But even though I practically begged her to join me in my post about it yesterday (click here for a refresher), Sarah remained unmoved. I think she was turned off by the February 12, 2016 release date. February, as we’ve seen, is where many movies find their final resting place.

But in this case, and maybe I’m just on a high because I finished my f-cking homework, maybe it’ll work. February 12 next year is right at the start of New York Fashion Week. I like the timing. And while, yes, most movies die in February, this year, one movie thrived in February – Fifty Shades Of Grey. Which had a built-in audience. As does Zoolander. Zoolander 2 won’t bring Fifty Shades money, there’s no way. But it’s not necessarily a bad option for Valentine’s Day weekend, you know?

Come on, Sarah. Just one exclamation point.

Here are some more shots from the best thing to happen to Paris Fashion Week. I want what Hansel is wearing.

Yours in gossip,