Dear Gossips,

HBO has my anticipation on lockdown. Game Of Thrones, Going Clear (the Scientology documentary), and Montage Of Heck are all due in the next couple of months.

I’ve written a couple of times already about Montage Of Heck, Brett Morgen’s highly anticipated film about Kurt Cobain, made with the blessing of both Frances Bean and Courtney Love, and with exclusive permission to go through Cobain’s personal archive. They all showed up to support Montage Of Heck at Sundance – click here for a refresher. The reviews have been outstanding.

And now, in advance of its presentation at SXSW, we have a trailer, a really great trailer that mixes animation with a few bars of a very familiar song and then builds towards the ultimate inevitable heartbreak. But was it? Was it inevitable? Are we supposed to ask that question anymore? I can’t wait to see this movie. May 4th on HBO.

Yours in gossip,