Dear Gossips,

I have never watched more than 5 minutes of the Bachelor/ette. That was one time a few years ago. I don’t recognise anyone on the show, past or present. So if I worked in an office building, today I couldn’t participate in any discussion about the Bachelor finale that went down last night. I only know it went down because it’s the top headline on several entertainment news sites. It’s the top headline because a LOT of people watch it, a LOT of people are talking about it at work right now. A LOT more people than Mad Men. Mad Men is really happy when their ratings approach 3 million on a season premiere. The 5th season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians drew 4.7 million viewers so, you know, over 50% more.

Jon Hamm can call them, the Ebola Hiltons and the Kim Kardashians, he can call them f-cking idiots all he wants, but, again, they’re not the entire problem; they might not even the biggest problem. They wouldn’t BE a problem if there weren’t people around to feed them. You want to make a statement? Make a statement about the Audience. Make a statement about the Industry. Last week, around the time Jon Hamm’s comments about Kim Kardashian were being publicised, he was also publicising the return of his own show on Ryan Seacrest. Ryan Seacrest in an executive producer on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A true fist pump moment would have been Jon Hamm asking Ryan Seacrest why he keeps putting Sh-t on TV.

If Ryan Seacrest had any balls, he would say - the people want the Sh-t.

They do.

Let me quote from Fran Lebowitz for the second day in a row:

“What we have had in the last 30 years is too much democracy in the culture and not enough democracy in society. There is no reason to have democracy in the culture. None, because the culture should be made by a natural aristocracy of talent.”

That’s what Reality TV is. It’s too much democracy in culture. Warhol’s notion of 15 minutes of fame was supposed to be ironic. Lebowitz again:

"This is what happens when an inside joke gets into the water supply."

Anyway, if you’ve never seen Public Speaking, again I strongly recommend it. If you’ve ever smoked, it’s almost required viewing.

We’re talking about Hot Harry’s love life today. For some reason, many of the posts are heavily English. Does Gwyneth count?

Yours in gossip,