Dear Gossips,

I have to show you something.

It’s not gossip.

You might find it gross.

But it’s the most exciting thing in my life right now. Remember last week when I took a day off for elbow surgery? Well now some of the tape is coming off the scar. One piece in the middle fell off yesterday so I could finally get a good look at the incision. And then I made everyone look at my incision. Now I’m making you look at it.

Because it’s BADASS.

I’m obsessed with it.

I boasted about it on Twitter.

Question for you though: does my boasting about my scar come from the same place as those who boast about their bikini bodies on Instagram? Is it the same compulsion? To show you that I’m so hardcore?

I think it is.

And I’m sorry.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,