Dear Gossips,

They’re saying 21 Jump Street will open this weekend at $30 million on the low end which, for an R-rated comedy in March, is considered very, very, VERY good. $30 million on the low end means it could also open bigger than John Carter’s second place finish last weekend with a much less restricted audience on much more favourable reviews.

Indeed. The critics, they love Jump Street. And Channing Tatum, the new power player. Who, right now, will only star in features he produces. Unlike so many of them who say they “want to produce”, Channing Tatum is actually doing it. Tatum and his business partner sold an updated, re-imagined Neverland Peter Pan pitch to Sony. He’s also a producer on Magic Mike, based on his life, due out this summer.

This guy???


As I’ve been saying for a couple of months now, I feel like he has the Sexiest Man Alive locked up. And I will gloat about it when it happens!

PS. Don’t worry. Tatum’s rep confirmed that he won’t actually be playing Peter Pan. Because, obviously.

Have a great weekend!

Go UNC!!!!!!

Yours in gossip,