Dear Gossips,

So…I’m still all about the plane. WHERE IS THE PLANE??!!?

This is the only conversation I want to have. And I’ve been having it all weekend. Jacek’s had to endure it for days. Last night my cousin Cat and her husband came over and I made her talk to me about it for an hour over dinner. Duana and I text about it all the time. Sarah and I are on BBM “WTF-ing” each other constantly. And if I can’t find anyone to talk to about it, I’m online reading every article I can find and every crazy theory on every message board.

Did you know that it’s the 10th anniversary of Lost? The cast was at PaleyFest yesterday to celebrate the milestone.


10 years!

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Holy sh-t. Walt is a man now.

Yours in gossip,


PS…Congratulations to Christie-Lee S of Sherwood Park, AB for winning our Annual Red Carpet Contest with a PERFECT SCORE. That’s 24 out of 24 categories correctly predicted – the first time this has happened in our Annual Red Carpet Contest history! That’s also two years in a row for Alberta – what’s up with you Oscar nostradamuses (nostradami?) over there?

Christie-Lee will be receiving the gorgeous Chloe bag that’s sitting in my closet (I am sad to see it leave me), as well as $500 gift cards from ALDO and HomeSense. Thank you to our prize providers and everyone who participated. Start studying for next year. You have perfection to live up to.