Dear Gossips,

I was in LA again this weekend for a junket. On Saturday I waited for the elevator at lobby level with Sean Bean looking handsome in a black suit. Ned Stark is thicker around the middle than I expected but that sex appeal, you can’t ignore it. Still, I have to say I was more obnoxious nerd than horny fan on this occasion and had to struggle with myself not to hiss “When you play the game of thrones you win, or you die” in his face. But when I posted about him on Twitter, over 90% of respondents referenced Lord Of The Rings. Oh yeah. He was in that.


As previously mentioned, I was just never into LOTR. As such, it’s never my first association.

Game Of Thrones on the other hand...

We’re inside two weeks now to the second season premiere. War Is Coming...soon. And, on the special, some new exclusive Game Of Thrones related photos to make your Monday.

Yours in gossip,